Traveling as a vagabond on a shoestring budget can be a humbling and financially burdensome way of life. Although the cost of subsistence varies greatly from place to place, each day surely brings with it the depletion of my ability to explore, learn, inspire, and share with others (like you). By becoming a sponsor you can help to mitigate the financial impact of my travels—as well as receive something fun in return.

Sponsorship Synopsis

"What maintains one vice would bring up two children."
- Benjamin Franklin

In my eyes, sponsorship is more than a financial handout—that is not what I am seeking, nor is it my intent. What I truly desire is to allow others a means by which to express their love, support, and/or encouragement in a helpful and tangible manner. In return for that expression, I am offering to send the contributor a little something in return for their patronage.

  • Donate $5 and I'll send you (a respectable attempt at) an insightful or witty postcard.
  • Donate $25 and I'll send you a small, far-flung gift, such as jewelry, a kitschy t-shirt, knock-off designer apparel, or a bootleg DVD of dubious quality. Gifts will be sent via surface mail and will arrive in 1–3 months. Your parcel will have an adventure of its own!
  • Donate more than $25 and I'll try and buy you a gift you'll actually want! If the price is right, I'll even take requests. I may even send it via airmail.

Additionally, if you elect to do so, your name will be immortalized on the list of sponsors (so that your generous contribution is recognized publicly).