Copyright & CC License

Everything on, except those items listed below or specifically noted otherwise, is licensed by Craig Heimburger under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Creative Commons license. This means you may take texts, photos, bits of code, etc. covered by the license and do with them as you wish, as long as you

  1. provide credit,
  2. don't use the work commercially, and
  3. release the new work under the same license.

As noted above, some exceptions apply:

  1. All comments posted to by people other than myself are copyrighted by the original authors.
  2. I occasionally excerpt passages from copyrighted articles or books in order to comment on or criticize them. In most cases, I've used the principle of fair use to determine what to excerpt, so if you're interested in quoting works I've excerpted, you may want to go back to the original sources to make sure you're all right regarding fair use.
  3. Anything else I don't have the right to give you permission to use.

With the above, keep in mind the principle of fair use when you're deciding whether you can use something, regardless of copyright, CC license, etc. Finally, if in doubt, simply contact me and I'm sure I'll give you permission to do whatever you want.