About Craig Heimburger

Craig in Bangkok, Thailand (2007)

Craig Heimburger...

  • was born in April 1980 (making him 36 years old)
  • has lived across the United States: growing up in Florida, North Carolina, Kansas, and Oregon before relocating to Arizona in 2002 (and departing in 2005)
  • perceives himself as a generalist, taking satisfaction in knowing a little bit about a lot of things
  • obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2002 and a Master of Business Administration in 2005
  • believes that street smarts and book smarts are equally important
  • lost his mother to cancer when he was 17 years old
  • has a 9-year-old son, Aidric, born on January 10, 2008 [photos]
  • was married to his lovely (and very alpha female) Peruvian wife, Tatiana, on April 2, 2010 [photos]
  • started working (professionally) in IT when he was a teenager and knows a thing or two about computers, Web sites, relational databases, and process improvement
  • would rather spend more time driving around traffic than waiting in it
  • sometimes likes to eat the entire peanut, shell and all
  • enjoys travel, photography, technology, skydiving, scuba diving, beaches, copious amounts of sunshine, dancing, and extra spicy food
  • doesn't drink coffee or smoke, but certainly enjoys tea, wine and most any type of meat (except the stomach of cows, stuffed intestine and chicken head/feet/anus — he's tried — and it's not really his thing)
  • still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up—perhaps a television personality for the Travel Channel