Contacting Craig

For general correspondence I can be reached via e-mail at I tend to get a hefty amount of e-mail—and my visits to Internet cafés can be expensive and intermittent—but I do read everything that I receive and will try my best to respond.

If you have questions/problems pertaining to sponsorship, please e-mail me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

By The Way...

To increase your chances of a reply, you might find the following helpful:

  • Read the variety of topics addressed in the about or help/questions sections first. The answer to your question might be there.
  • When e-mailing, make your subject line as informative as possible, not something like "Hi" or "Hello." Avoid spam-like subject lines.
  • The majority of the posts (journal entries) on this site allow visitors to leave comments. If possible, respond to those posts by leaving a comment on the page, not to me via e-mail. If you feel uncomfortable responding in public, comment anonymously or drop me an e-mail. Please do not use the comments section of a specific post as a general correspondence mechanism... that's what e-mail is for.