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If you target independent travelers, backpackers, gap-year students, prosumer photography enthusiasts, or travel bloggers, and you want to enhance your website or brand awareness, a campaign on is right for you.

Travelvice has been active since 2005. The site ranks well in organic searches and attracts a readership who are interested in:

  • International travel
  • Multi-month urban backpacking
  • First-time extended or round-the-world travel preparation
  • Travel photography
  • Travel gear
  • Travel tips
  • Budget accommodations
  • Cheap transportation
  • Destination opinions and advice
  • Trip planning
  • Traveling abroad with a baby, infant, toddler or child

If you target an audience interested in any of the above or related topics, a campaign on Travelvice may work well for you.


monthly visitor graph

30-Day snapshot as of April 1, 2011:

  • Monthly visitors: 46,000+
  • Monthly pageviews: 97,000+
  • Travelogue-only monthly visitors: 25,000+
  • Travelogue-only monthly pageviews: 36,000+
  • Number of travelogue entries (individual pages): 936 in 44 countries
  • Number of compendium topics (individual pages): 11,147 in 321 categories
  • Travelogue RSS subscribers: 288
  • New visitors: 92%
  • 44% of visitors are from the United States; 6% UK; 6% Canada; 4% Australia

Recognition content, interviews or my opinions leading back to this site have been published by these recognizable news companies and Web sites:



ABC News

ABC News OnCampus



Rolf Potts'

Travel + Leisure


Payment is via You can use your PayPal balance, your credit card or your bank account (in some countries). You do not need a PayPal account to make payment via credit card. Pre-paying for multi-month placements in advance or by recurring monthly payments is available.

Explore Your Campaign Options

I'm currently accepting offers for non-rotating advertisements on Travelvice. Customized campaigns can be page-specific, or appear across entire subsections of the site (such as just the homepage, or only across the travelogue entries).

A wide variety of placement opportunities exist, including the replacement of existing AdSense blocks with your campaign's advert.

Please e-mail me the details of your ad size, placement location(s), and campaign duration for rates:

I'm more than happy to create visual mockups of potential advert placement locations based on the dimensions you provide. You may change the content of your campaign at anytime during the run.

Note: I will not do in-page text advertising or text link advertising. I'm always interested in reviewing travel-related gear.